Taking Steroids: What are the Risks & Benefits?

Taking Steroids: What are the Risks & Benefits? The abusive consumption of steroids for bodybuilding has given a bad name to the various other types of steroids that aid in bringing about health benefits. When consumed under the supervision of a doctor or health expert, steroids can be administered for medical purposes. There are two […]

Steroids 101: Understanding what are Steroids Used for

Steroids have garnered a notoriously bad reputation over the years, even though their consumption has been traced back to Ancient Greek when fighters would consume raw animal meat before a fight to gain natural hormones. Today, steroids are available in chemical formulas, they are synthetically derived hormones that the body can naturally produce. The purpose […]

Steroid Cream for Eczema: What are Steroids Used for?

Do not allow your inhibitions regarded steroid side effects stop you from adding these powerful drugs to your eczema treatment routine. As long as you consume them in mindful and prescribed quantities, topical steroid creams for eczema can bring about miraculous effects. What are Steroid Creams for Eczema? A topical steroid cream is applied directly […]

Cialis: What are its Uses, Benefits and Mechanism of Action?

The use of steroids due to its surprising results is getting higher day by day. Both for medical and non-medical purposes, steroids are changing the way of life. Moreover, one of the steroids, Cialis is a fruitful medicine that is now being used to treat Erectile Disinfection in males, to a great extent. Doctors and […]