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Taking Steroids: What are the Risks & Benefits?

Taking Steroids: What are the Risks & Benefits? The abusive consumption of steroids for bodybuilding has given a bad name to the various other types of steroids that aid in bringing about health benefits. When consumed under the supervision of a doctor or health expert, steroids can be administered for medical purposes. There are two […]

Steroids 101: Understanding what are Steroids Used for

Steroids have garnered a notoriously bad reputation over the years, even though their consumption has been traced back to Ancient Greek when fighters would consume raw animal meat before a fight to gain natural hormones. Today, steroids are available in chemical formulas, they are synthetically derived hormones that the body can naturally produce. The purpose […]

Cialis: What are its Uses, Benefits and Mechanism of Action?

The use of steroids due to its surprising results is getting higher day by day. Both for medical and non-medical purposes, steroids are changing the way of life. Moreover, one of the steroids, Cialis is a fruitful medicine that is now being used to treat Erectile Disinfection in males, to a great extent. Doctors and […]