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Pfizer Cypionate – Steroids Canada


Novaplus Test Cypionate : 200mg/ml

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Pfizer Cypionate – Steroids Canada

Pfizer Cypionate – Steroids Canada-Testosterone Cypionate is made by Pfizer and is also known by the name Depot-Testosterone. Steroids Canada

Testosterone Cypionate – Steroids Canada – This is one of the most commonly Doctor Prescribed steroids. Its extremely effective and provides consistent results.

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the longest-estered testosterone available on the market. It has a half-life in the body of 15 to 16 days and is found as injectable oil. Because it reacts in the body for so long, it can cause a bit more water retention than other steroids and is best used as bulking compound in a stack. It’s extremely effective which makes it a very popular product.

Steroids Canada

Suggested Dosage : 500mg – 750mg per week

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