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Arimidex is the drug is appropriately used when using substantial amounts of aromatizing steroids, or when one is prone to gynecomastia and using moderate amounts of such steroids. Arimidex can achieve a high degree of estrogen blockade. It is possible to reduce estrogen too much with Arimidex, and for this reason tests, should be taken after the first week of use to determine if the dosing is correct.

As an aromatase inhibitor, Arimidex’s mechanism of blocking conversion of aromatizable steroids to estrogen is in contrast to the mechanism of action of anti-estrogens such as clomiphene, Clomid, or Novadex which block estrogen receptors in some tissues, and activate estrogen receptors in others. Arimidex is quite expensive, costing approximately $9 per milligram. With moderate doses of testosterone 0.5mg daily is usually sufficient and in some cases may be too much.

Dosage Recommendation: 1mg to 7mg per week

Dosage Length: As long as needed


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