Winstrol Cycle for Beginners [Ultimate Guide]

Winstrol cycle

Winstrol is a great cycle for beginners. Winstrol is a popular oral anabolic steroid used by both athletes and bodybuilders. Such drugs are to be used by professional’s prescriptions.

We do not promote using supplements illegally. Everyone has a distinct body type, so they need to know their cycles considering their body types. Every individual should seek professionals to understand their stable dosages. Some people want to avoid injectable steroids. They are good with oral pills.

Some people consider Winstrol dosage for weight loss. But Winstrol dosage is solely focused on improving physique and performance. Fat burning is a part of the procedure but not the goal. What made it so famous? Well, Winstrol kicks in real fast, and you get to see the result from the first week by having insanely great pumps in muscle and strength gain.

After a week passes, the muscles began to get rock solid, and you can feel that as the days pass by. These reasons kept it on the top of the choice list since first developed in 1962. It improves the physique and performance of bodybuilders and athletes. This article will cover the dosage one might start with and the other dosages when they cross a particular threshold.

Let’s start with some answers before getting started.

How long before you see results from Winstrol?

  • The changes will start to occur from the first week and onwards. You will see insane pumps in your muscle.

You will start to feel the change in your strength as it will increase from the very first week.

Winstrol results after 2 weeks include dryness in muscle, increase in strength.

How many times a day should I take Winstrol?

  • Dosages are individualized after obtaining the initial responses to the body. One can start with 25-50mg a day.

Winstrol dosage timing is divided into three times a day.
Dosages are required to increase after seeing favorable responses.

How long can you take Winstrol?

  • The average minimum steroid cycle is 6-8 weeks. To get the optimum gains in ratio, higher is better. 12-16 weeks gives the optimal result. For a beginner, 6 to 8 weeks is good as Winstrol has a toxic impact on the liver.

Length varies on the body’s response to the dosage.

How long should my first steroid cycle be?

  • The first cycle typically takes 6 to 8 weeks. After a particular gain, everyone will need a PCT or Post Cycle Therapy to help the body get back to its normal state.

PCT can take an additional four weeks (  may vary to the individual ). Now let us see the dosages a beginner should start with and onwards.

Winstrol cycle for beginners

The usage for the beginner is different from the ones who are already using it. A beginner’s body function is not familiar with artificial hormonal reproduction. A beginner must take it at a smaller amount and increase it when the body starts getting used to it. The first thing for a beginner is to determine his body type and condition. As the steroid dosage varies to different body types, we must evaluate it in the first place.

The standard dosage of Winstrol-only cycle for a beginner is 50mg each day. We always recommend seeking professionals advice before jumping into a steroid cycle. This cycle may lie between 6 to 12 weeks.

At the intermediate level, the standard dose is 75mg per day. The cycle at this level ranges from 6 to 8 weeks.

The advanced level’s standard dose is 100mg each day. This one is for some competitive bodybuilders only. This cycle ranges from 4 to 6 weeks long.

And remember that one must start Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after completing a steroid cycle. It is an essential part of the whole procedure. Post Cycle Therapy leads to recovery of the body’s hormonal function.

Professionals may offer you to have either Winstrol only cycle or test e and Winstrol cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT):

After completing a steroid cycle, our body must come back to its initial state.

We know that hormonal procedures are natural in our body’s function. When we mess up with the biological processes, it is better to get back to normal soon. Winstrol and every other steroid contain the hormones that the pituitary gland releases.

It would be best if you give some time to clear out the synthetic version of testosterone taken in the steroid cycle. It’s better to start PCT after a week when you come off from the steroid cycle.

Clomid or Nolvadex is used most commonly for PCT by steroid users. The more potent the steroid is, the longer the return to normal will take.

Messing up with the natural hormonal procedure leads to some side effects. The side effects during post cycle therapy may not be severe, but they are annoying. These include nausea, headaches.

Side Effect of Winstrol:

Making changes in the body’s standard operating function leads to some side effects.  Before starting the steroid cycle, one must be aware of the side effects. Someone’s body condition may be too prone to a particular side effect, and it may get severe. Winstrol is one of the milder steroids, so the side effects may not be severe. It makes changes to the natural testosterone level overriding the pituitary gland’s normal hormonal reproduction.

It can lead to an increase in baldness and acne problems. Oral Winstrol is toxic to the liver, and it can be a bit hard on the kidneys.

One of the nasty side effects of Winstrol is that it may increase Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDP), which is terrible for the heart. Every individual should monitor the cholesterol level after starting the cycle.


Winstrol is an excellent steroid for gaining desired physique and performance.

When starting the Winstrol cycle, one must put their dedication into building a dry, hardened physique. Individuals must consume lower body fat and maintain healthier food habits.

Remember, the Winstrol cycle for beginners is not the same as the intermediate or advanced ones. If the target is a professional bodybuilding sport, you must know if they allow taking supplements or not.

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