Types of bodybuilding


Many people are passionate about decorating the body, not with any artificial means but by working hard. And working hard means working on every part of the body to become a bodybuilder. Experts categorized male body types into three categories, and this article is about the 3 types of bodybuilding: Which is best for you.

That means everybody is different from one another. For a long time, I didn’t know what is my body type until I have done any extensive research on different body categories. And here in this article, I would like to share my knowledge with you to get a clear concept and pursue your passion for perfection.

3 Types of Bodybuilding for Different Body Shapes

There are three types of bodies on which most of the people fit in. You can choose to make your body different from its natural shape, but it is best to stick to the natural form. In that way, you can easily manipulate your body and get a good shape quickly. The three types of body are as follows:

Ectomorphic Physique

Ectomorphic physic means the body will have a thin and lean shape. People with ectomorphic physique struggle to gain weight, fat, or muscle. They can eat a lot, but the body shape may not change. They tend to have lean built with longer limbs and lean muscles. Even when people with ectomorphic physic manages to gain weight yet, they look a bit skinny.

Ectomorphic people may look slim, but they can be significantly strong. People with lean body shape may find it challenging to build their bodies for a bodybuilding competition, but sports, hobbies, and ramps are perfect.

Though it is challenging for people with an ectomorphic body to gain weight, it is impossible. People with ectomorphic physique can still gain muscles, be strong, and look big if they properly maintain bodybuilding.

Mesomorphic physique

The Mesomorph body type is the most popular type of body among the bodybuilders. This type of body is the dream of gym enthusiasts. This body type is the best type of body, according to multiple studies. This body type is great for bodybuilding competitions. All the famous bodybuilding role models have a mesomorph body type.

People with mesomorph body type tends to remain fit by nature. They have broader shoulders and narrow waist along with thin joints. They also have a circular shape of muscles. Though people with mesomorphic body type has a good shape, that does not mean they don’t have to maintain it.

Thoroughly maintained food habits and regular workout are essential for people with a mesomorphic body. If they lose their regular workout habits, they may end up either gaining weight or losing it.

The mesomorphic body is in between the other two body types. In other words, it is the best of the two types of the body; hence while losing the body shape, you end up being lean or bulky.

For the mesomorph body type, Pyramid workout and high-intensity workout works the best. In the pyramid training process, bodybuilders increase weight and reduce repetitions. And HIT bodybuilders do intense exercise for a shorter time of every session.

Endomorphic Physique

The Endomorph body type is the least favorite body type for the bodybuilders and the most famous body type for the wrestlers. Wrestlers and lifters or any strength practitioner would love to be Endomorphic. People with endomorph body types have a wider shoulder, thicker bones, wider ribcage, wide hips, and shorter limbs.

They are naturally big. They easily gain weight and remain that way. When it comes to strength, they have one advantage: they are naturally stronger than ectomorphs and mesomorphs. They also have more muscles and bigger muscle mass, but they also have fat, and it may get a bit challenging to lose the accompanying fat they have.

As people with endomorphic physic gain weight faster, they have to maintain their body accordingly to keep it in shape. Sufficient food and small but many meals along with intense workout can keep them big and strong like they are.

If you feel that you are gaining weight quickly by not much food, that means you have endomorphic physic. There is a common idea that people with endomorphic physic suffer to keep themselves healthy. But that’s the wrong idea because people with endomorphic physic can also remain as healthy as the people with the other two physic types.

With proper workout, routine, and food habits, people with an endomorphic physique can be very healthy.   Strong and fit.

Which one is best for me?

Now that you know about all three types of body, you can figure out what kind of body you have and what kind of workout is best for you.

If you are lean and don’t gain weight easily, you have an ectomorph body type. That means you are lean and fit by nature. But if you want to keep yourself in the given shape you have, you have to follow your gym’s instruction.

For any further change in body shape, you have to eat more than you do and work harder. With proper diet and workout, you will have enough strength to shift your body type as well.

If you have a Mesomorphic body, then getting into the bodybuilding would be slightly easy for you. With the proper routine and exact workout mentioned above, you can have the perfect body shape. If you are mesomorph, you will have moderate weight and a thinner waist with a broader upper body.

If you have an endomorphic body, then you will tend to gain weight quickly. And if you are gaining weight fast, that means with a proper workout routine and gym instruction, you can also be in the mesomorph category.

Final Word

Our body is like a temple where our spirit lives. And keeping the body in shape could be a challenge in the era where all food and beverages contain a certain amount of sugar. This is why people are becoming concerned about health conditions, and every day this concern is increasing.

From the habit of being fit, many people start having the passion for building their bodies and achieving an excellent shape. And if you are new to this passion, then this article is for you. Here you will know the type of body you have and learn how to manipulate your body to achieve the shape of your dream.

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