Turinabol Dosage Everything You Need to Know about

Turinabol or Tbol is an oral androgenic anabolic steroid focused on performance enhancement. We recommend buying steroids from reputable brands. Doing the right Turinabol dosage is very important.

Turinabol is famous for its lower androgenic effect. Medical professionals started using it to build muscles for bedridden patients, and later on, the bodybuilders began using this to get the best result. It was first discovered in East Germany in the 1960s for medical purposes.

Tbol is a weaker steroid which makes it a bit popular in the bodybuilding community. Because of a not-so-strong property, it affects less to the body. Still, there are some side effects but not like something to get worried about after a complete cycle.

From 1974 – 1989 East Germany dominated the Olympics, and authority figured out the use of Turinabol.

After this German Scandal, the Turinabol has a ban in the sports world.

What to Expect from Turinabol?

The Turinabol cycle is very well known for its capability to produce dry lean muscles. The other counterparts available in the market are specialized in building truckloads of muscle gain. Most of them are water and glycogen.

Turinabol creates dry, lean muscle, and this feature makes it famous to a specific group of bodybuilder communities.

There will be insane pumps in the muscles within a few weeks as the water and glycogen level will rise. It will not aromatize as Dianabol does; it will give you great vascularity.

You will see your strength and performance skyrocket in a few weeks. You will be able to sustain continuous training as there will be a faster recovery rate. It will give you the edge you desire. There will be less fatigue and a lower chance of injury.

A vein network will start to appear all over the body, and you will get the movie-type veined-bicep look within a few weeks.

Bloating, fluid retention, or other unwanted estrogenic effects will not occur at a high level.

How Long to Run Tbol?

The ideal cycle of Turinabol is six weeks. Professionals suggest not to cross the threshold of 6 weeks while having Turinabol.

After six weeks, there is a higher chance of toxin in the liver.

Tbol is a C17 Alpha-Alkylated compound. It is highly toxic to the liver. Tbol prevents the average ability of the liver to process the cholesterol properly, thus increasing the unwanted cholesterol level within the blood is occurs. So a longer омг cycle may cause severe damage to your liver.

Turinab Dosageol:

The amount of Turinabol dosage differs in various stages of the users. A beginner cannot start with the amount that an advanced user will use.
One should run the cycle according to the stages.

6 Week Tbol Cycle:

You can not use Turinabol throughout your whole life. You must cycle it for a certain period.

Six weeks is the ideal timespan for Tbol Cycle.

Turinabol is not so potent as the other available substitute. So, at a lower dose, it does not create any noticeable problem in the body.

The beginner should start with a lower amount daily.
15-30mg a day is ideal for a beginner. The rate of change will be low, but the real benefit here is having no androgenic complications.

An intermediate user can have 30-50mg per day. This dose will give a faster response and will also increase the level of risk.

The advanced dose is up to 80mg per day. Advanced quantities are for expert bodybuilders; beginners should not try advanced dosage. Remember, an increase in dosage brings the risk level upward.

Turinabol’s half-life is 16 hours.

Tbol dosage timing can be two times a day. It is better to take Tbol twice a day rather than taking once. A shorter half-life allows blood levels to remain stable.

Post Cycle Therapy:

Professionals always suggest that no one should ever take any anabolic steroid without Post Cycle Therapy. The steroid cycles override the release of testosterone from our pituitary gland.

The Tbol is one of the steroids with lower androgenic activity, but it does impact the natural level of testosterone. When changes occur, your body needs to recover and gets to the normal state.

Some may suggest using Tbol without any PCT. But we must consider that the testosterone level may not return to normal without a PCT. So, there should be no room for risks.

The PCT should be initiated with Nolvadex or Clomid and should continue for 4 to 6 weeks. At least a week is required to eliminate synthetic testosterone from our body. So, we should start PCT after a week of completing the steroid cycle.

Potential Side-effects:

Turinabol does not create that many troublesome complications to your body. But being concerned about the risk may keep you safe.

Anabolic steroids are toxic to the liver. It hampers the processing of bad cholesterol. Although it is a milder anabolic steroid, the risk increases while dosage increases. If the cholesterol level increases, there is a higher chance of heart diseases and failures. Turinabol can often speed up the procedure of damaging your heart.

During the Turinabol cycle, the users must monitor their Blood Pressure level. For some individuals, the blood pressure can go extremely high leading to nose bleeding.

This steroid cycle also harms natural testosterone reproduction. The lack of testosterone can lead to reducing your sex drive. Testosterone lacking creates weak muscles. The body may require several weeks to recover from the loss. For this reason, experts suggest that after completing a steroid cycle, one must take Post Cycle Therapy.

Is Turinabol Legal:

Turinabol is a banned substance. The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has it on their banned substance list. The majority of the countries have made Tbol illegal to use and sell.=


Turinabol is not such a potent substance as Dianabol. So it lowers the possibility of significant risk.

Although it has a slower result time, it helps to avoid severe risks.

Steroids are illicit substances and are harmful to our bodies. So, there is a risk in taking them as well as buying or selling them. There are some safe alternatives available in the market which can give you the same result you will get from the steroid.

You should follow the Turinabol dosage for beginners to get started. Do not start with a higher dosage to get good results within a shorter period. It will surely make things much worse. We have to get out of the concept “Higher is better.”

Turinabol dosage suggestion:

Men: 50mg-60mg/day for 6-8 weeks Women: 50mg-60mg/day for 6-8 weeks

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