Steroids in Health and Fitness

Steroids sometimes called Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and its use has dramatically increased in the last few decades. We can hardly found anyone who does not know about steroids. Steroids are being used by peoples for many purposes.

In this contemporary era, people are taking steroids for being good looking as well as fitness. However, steroids can be taken as a medicine to treat some diseases also. At the very beginning, the invention of Steroids was to treat the animals and to elevate fast growth. But after that steroids begin to use by athletes and bodybuilders.

Let us emphasize the use of steroids in Health and Fitness.

Human Growth Hormone/ APEDs

Steroids sometimes called human growth hormone (HGH) is a synthesized form of male hormone-like Testosterone or others. It also is known as appearance and performance enhancement drugs (APEDs) because of its extensive uses. However, extensive use of steroids or human growth hormones has some side effects in our body rather than helping us.

Steroids were first introduced in Germany in 1935 and were used to treat the depression problem. But in 1954 Olympic, athletes especially the male weightlifters used it as a performance enhancement supplement. After 1980 the usage of steroids became very popular to the athletes and sportsman.

In recent days, people who go to the gym more often take steroids to enhance their body and other benefits. Both males and females are taking steroids to shape their body and muscle growth. However, it sometimes resulted in somebody’s problems.

Steroids & Health

Steroids have a wide range of use to human health. Many doctors and health experts suggest many patients take steroids for the treatment of anemia, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, etc.

There are different kinds of steroids available and each of them does different tasks. Generally, a steroid produced in our body naturally from various kinds of glands of our body. For example, Testosterone, Seratonin, and other body hormones. Apart from that, Now Steroids are found in the market as a supplementary diet.

Steroids can be taken both orally and by injection. However, the dosage is very important because a higher dose is always prohibited by experts. Steroids can be found as a tablet in a container or in liquid form.

Here are some most commonly used steroids which can be found in the market.


The most commonly used steroids to treat the depression problem is testosterone. It boosts the body function and helps to reduce stress hormones. As a result, people who suffered from problems like anxiety; depression, etc can recover the problem.

Testosterone also helps us to increase the oxygen concentrations of our bodies. Moreover, it increases muscle growth and strengthens our bone. Many athletes take it as a supplementary to increase the performance. However, the sports committee all over the world has been restricting the use of steroids since the 1980s.

Dianabol or D-Bol

Mostly used by the bodybuilder community and popular because of its fast action. The anabolic nature of this steroids helps to grow muscle and mass. However, anabolic steroids are not legal in many countries because of its side effects.

For beginners D-bol is recommended.


Anavar is one of the best steroids for cutting process amongst the females. It is very mild as well as potent like testosterone. By using it you can easily shape your body and lean mass. However, it results in some problems in women like excess body hair growth, enlargement of liver or heart, and deep voice, etc.

Some other steroids are also available in Online Canadian Steroids and you have to find and choose the best one for you.

Steroids and Fitness

Nowadays nobody can think about fitness without steroids, people frequently take steroids to have their expected fitness. Here we outlined some aspects of steroids for fitness.

Increase Lean Muscle

Steroids generally operate by decreasing the fat and cholesterol and increasing the lean muscle. Cortisol is a stress hormone and it is responsible for the fat creation and other health problems. Proper medication can significantly decrease Cortisol and it needs proper guidance and regulation.

Attractive Body Look

A report by Guardian shows that In Britain most of the young people take steroids not to increase their performance rather than their outlook. They mostly focus on their bodies look especially young people and teenagers. Millions of them are taking to change their look, not for sport.

Though steroids in many countries are under special observation of drug administration, it spread like a virus to everywhere. It can hardly be regulated with the so-called rules and regulations. In gyms, they offer steroids almost every customer they have. However, you can find an attractive body by using steroids.

Performance Enhancement

These days all of us have heard about the drug or dope test. In most cases, the athletes and sportsman use steroid their performance. As it can be taken as a pill, as a drink and also in the form of ointments so many athletes are addicted to it. However, using steroids is strictly prohibited in sports.

Steroids for Aged Person

Steroids a proper dose of steroids or such drag greatly help the old people. It reduces the problems due to aging like digestion; loosen muscle and other bone problems. HGH also helps to recover the energy level by increasing the oxygen concentration and nitrogen synthesis. However, the proper prescription should be maintained, prescribed by a doctor.

Steroids for Women

A large number of females especially celebrities take steroids to become fit and to make their bodies attractive. Female athletes use it to boost their performance. For example, Maria Sharapova, Hope Solo, Marion Jones and so on.

Females are using it to cut body weight and to become fit and to shape up their bodies. Girls who do physical exercise take steroids to improve their gym performance.

However, some extra precautions needed during pregnancy period. Moreover, steroids may result in some unpleasant results like deep voice, man-like behavior or body growth, increased face or body hair. Some genital problems like puberty may occur due to excessive use of those drugs.

Improves Body Growth

In some cases, steroids improve the growth factors of human who suffered from malnutrition. It also activates body functions which are needed to grow our muscle and bones. Some medical practitioner recommends steroids for their patients of all ages.


Steroids are getting popular day by day because of its wide range of benefits. However, steroids are not recommended for all kinds of people because it has some harmful effects on our body.

The best use of steroids should be under the guidance of an expert or doctor. Before taking this we should know both the merits and demerits of steroids. Beware of the misuse and illegal use of it.

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