All about Shoulder Pain for Bodybuilding in 2021

shoulder pain bodybuilding

Shoulders are a significant portion of the upper body part, and almost half of the muscles are gained by the shoulders during a workout. But do you feel that shoulder pain bodybuilding? Is your concentration breaking due to this issue?

Do not worry anymore, as we will provide a complete solution to this problem in this article. It is quite common to feel that pain due to lifting 10 to 20 kgs weight for about an hour every day. But it is also essential to get relief from the pain so that you can again start your workout tomorrow.

Have some time to be with us and get the secret tips that will not disappoint you.

Shoulder Pain Bodybuilding

The movement of shoulders is a must that does not matter whether you are doing the workout of abs or legs. Moreover, the professional and mid-level to beginner’s exercises are entirely different. Professional bodybuilders need to carry more weight than bodybuilders of the other category.

So, in this case, if the professional athletes deal with major shoulder pain, it might be somewhat a vital issue. However, even the minor pain of the non-professional athletes can cause them great discomfort while sleeping at night.

The main reason behind this is shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the human body. The bone structure of the shoulder is very unusual, and there are a large number of muscle attachments. The physicians sometimes also find it difficult, and through their treatment, the pain may or may not be solved permanently.

Below is one of the most common types of shoulder injuries through which a bodybuilder often goes through.

Rotator Cuff Injury

If you feel pain while doing shoulder press and lateral raise, it will be denoted as the rotator cuff injury. Moreover, you will feel a strange pain when lifting your arm above your head. In a nutshell, the pain might be similar to a toothache, according to a clinic.

The main reason for this type of injury is you might be overworking your delts during the workout, like too heavy or too many delt flys or shoulder presses. But if you are actually experiencing rotator cuff tear, the pain is the real struggle. Some of the symptoms of this injury are:

  • Pain at the outer side of the shoulder
  • More pain at the night
  • You cannot lift your arm freely

How to Fix Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain after a workout is obviously expected because that indicates how much hard work you have done. Moreover, there is a saying like no pain, no gain. But you also need to fix that pain so that it does not extend more.

Below are some tips and tricks to fix your shoulder pain within a couple of hours to weeks.

Pulling over Pushing

Many bodybuilders do more exercises related to pushing than pulling. That means more emphasis is given on the chest but pulls and heavy rows are kept undone or less focused. As a result, an imbalance is created among the chest and back muscles as the chest becomes stronger.

With time, they can feel that their arms are turning inward and shoulders are slumping forward. Therefore, as they are not in the correct position, the shoulders might get ruin, and in the future, movements will become more difficult.

So, it is essential to do pulling exercises at least twice a week to strengthen the upper back muscles. Furthermore, for the right posture, pull the shoulder blades back and down throughout the workout.

Push-ups over Benching

When your main target is the chest, push-up is the best form of exercise. This is because push-ups help the scapula to move freely. And at the end of the day, the should health will be improved.

On the other hand, the bench press exercises can lock the shoulder blades, which can be a terrific situation for a bodybuilder. So, it is essential to move to push-ups as it also triggers the inactive and weak shoulder muscles like the serratus anterior. While performing this exercise, you just need to put the feet on a bench and add some weight to the back.

Workout Using Dumbells

While doing exercises with machines and barbells, the hands cannot rotate. As a result, the shoulders are forced to be in an unnatural position. Moreover, in this situation, much stress is also implemented on the shoulders joints.

So, choose the exercises that will allow the arms to twist more naturally. That means, at the time of pull, go clockwise and at the time of push, go counterclockwise.

Thoracic Spine Exercises

You need to perform exercises that will target your thoracic spine, as this can also help you get rid of shoulder pain. For example,

  • Take the right-hand overhead and the left-hand up the back, and then try to hold both hands together. Be in that position for at least a couple of seconds.
  • Be cat-camel.
  • Do quadruped thoracic extension rotation.
  • Make some side-lying diagonal reach.
  • Do foam roller thoracic spine extension.

Note: If the pain is too much after implementing all the above tricks, apply ice three to four times a day. Or have some anti-inflammatory medicines like naproxen or ibuprofen to get rid of the pain.

How to Prevent Bodybuilding Shoulder Pain?

Prevention is always better than cure. Because to cure that injury, you need to spend a lot of time and money on it. However, it is also possible that the pain may become permanent.

Therefore, to prevent your shoulder joint pain bodybuilding, we have provided a complete prevention guide for it.

  1. Balance your workouts.
  2. Do not put a lot of stress on the rotator cuff.
  3. Carry the appropriate weight that you can handle.
  4. Ask the trainer whether your position and form of exercise correct or not.
  5. Keep your shoulder exercise plan twice a week.

The Bottom Line

As a bodybuilder’s body should be strong and stout, they need to workout 5 to 6 days a week. But that does not mean that all the stress should be given on the shoulder. This will only provide that extra pain and will make the night horrible.

However, you have already learned about shoulder pain bodybuilding with the fixing procedure and precautions from the above information. So, even if the injury is minor, it should not be underestimated, as from a little thing, a big thing gets to evolve. And, of course, you will not like to take your injury to the next level.

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