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5 Shocking Facts About Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding requires a lot of passion and dedication. A bodybuilder goes through many pain and sacrifices to become a bodybuilder with perfect body shape. However, there are some surprising facts about bodybuilding that many of us do not know. Some of these facts are found after in-depth searches.

Few facts are funny, and some are useful. If you are into bodybuilding, these facts can help inspire you or give you a good laugh. And if you are a bodybuilder, then do not forget, “Work until your brain forgets and your body remembers.” Hence a bodybuilder never gave a chance to his or her mind for making an excuse.

5 Shocking Facts About Bodybuilding

Here are the 5 shocking facts about bodybuilding that you should know. These facts are collected from the history of bodybuilding. Some of the facts are found by researchers studying numerous bodybuilders.

Fact-1: The Root

Did you know bodybuilding began in the era of Greek and Egyptian civilization? Back in that time, bodybuilding was not about bringing out an attractive shape. People used to compete with strength, and bodybuilding was all about growing a person’s strength.

People used to lift heavy carts, animals, and stones and become stronger and gain the power to compete with other bodybuilders. These were the practices of regular bodybuilders from the ancient period.

Fact-2: The beginning of the modern era

After a long time in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the tradition of bodybuilding has seen a new era. The father of bodybuilding, Eugen Sandow, gave bodybuilding a new form with new ideas and a new track.

He drew the fine line between the bodybuilding of the ancient era and the modern era. And till today, bodybuilders are walking on the path laid by him.

However, Eugen Sandow himself was working on strength, using big heavy dumbles. What attracted the people was the perfect shape of his body. His fine fit body with perfectly shaped symmetrical body, muscles, and cuts amazed many other people. The enthusiasm for bodybuilding started to grow since then. That is why today he is known as the father of bodybuilding.

Fact-3: The great competition and Mr. Olympia

The first bodybuilding competition took place in 1901. It was known as “the great competition.” Eugen got the respected position to be the judge, and the winner was William Murray.

Later in 1946, a new promoter came to play in the tradition of bodybuilding known as Joe Weider. Joe had published a magazine about bodybuilding equipment and supplements.

He introduced the International Federation of Bodybuilders and pioneered the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition in 1965 with his brother. And till today, Mr. Olympia is the leading competition of bodybuilding.

The first winner of Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition was Larry Scott. He was awarded a trophy with Eugen Sandow’s statue.

From Mr. Olympia, the golden era of bodybuilding began because many promising bodybuilders came into the appearance of people who later had an excellent career. These stories became part of essential facts about bodybuilding that people will remember forever.

Fact-4: Youngest and oldest Mr. Olympia

Cris Dickerson won the bodybuilding competition “Mr. Olympia” in 1882 when he was 43 years old. Cris Dickerson won 15 professional awards from various organizations.

Cris Dickerson became a professional bodybuilder in 1973 and won all these awards afterward. He retired after winning more than 50 divisions and later entered the hall of fame in 2000. He is still carrying on with his journey to Florida.

Now, many people get into bodybuilding being inspired by Cris Dickerson. He became a role model for those who want to start their journey a bit late.

The youngest person to win Mr. Olympia is a famous person who is an actor and a politician in the United States. We all know about him. He is none other than the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. He won Mr. Olympia in 1970 when he was only 20 years old. Later he won the competition 7 times.

His career became an example for many bodybuilders and a reason to believe in their dedication. Bodybuilding became a popular career to pursue. The remarkable career of Arnold Schwarzenegger became the dream of many passionate bodybuilders.

Fact-5: Age cannot stop you

It is a myth that bodybuilding is not possible when you are old. Some bodybuilders are passionately following their workouts even when they are 70+. Bodybuilding does not have a definite age. You can start working out between your age is 16 to 18 without taking any drugs.

And when it comes to drawing an ending, then Jim Arrington gave us the proof that there is no end. He has broken the guess book of the world record for being the oldest professional bodybuilder. Now he is 85 years old, and there is still no stopping.

There are many other examples of bodybuilders who are 70+ and still carrying on with their workout. These bodybuilders are

  • Tsutomu Tosaka
  • Raymond Moon
  • Arthur Peacock
  • Ernestine Shepherd
  • Jim Shaffer

They are all 80+ and still going on building themselves regularly. These bodybuilders are a perfect example of the fact that nothing will stop you if you are passionate.

When you are true to yourself and love something truly, you can do the work with ease until death like Charles Eugster. He died as a bodybuilder at 97, and until the end, he carried on working out.

These bodybuilders’ stories are the shocking facts about bodybuilding that baffles many people and made the legends immortal in the bodybuilder’s memory.

Final Word

Hard work and dedication never fail to pay off. In this article, we learned about the legends who have proven that there is no limit to giving yourself, and there is no chance of giving up. People exceeds the limit and make friendship with pain to gain what they got today.

Nothing is achievable without dedicating yourself and passion. When you have dedication, your thoughts will become your willpower, and willpower will drive you to do it. One of the well-known facts about bodybuilding is “No pain, no gain.”

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