Oldschool Bodybuilding Stack


What Is Included In This Stack

2 bottles  Sustanon 250mg/ml, 10ml –

1 bottle Deca 300mg/ml, 10ml –

2 bottle Dianabol 20mg,

This amount will last you 30 days, and should not be taken longer then 12 weeks

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Discount per Quantity

Quantity 6 -10 11 -25 26 -100
Price $415.00 $410.00 $405.00


What To Expect For Results From Stack

Expect to gain 25-30 pounds of muscle

This is an old school bodybuilder recipe, used by the greats, expect to look and feel like the real bodybuilder in the 70’s!

Intended for those who have experience with injectable steroids and are looking to add on maximum weight while maintaining a lean bulk

Multiple injections is suitable to those with some experience

Expect to retain 80-90% of muscle mass following cycle completion

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