MMA Fighter Stack


What Is Included In This Stack

1 bottle of Test Cypionate 250mg

2 bottles of Winstrol 50mg/ml, 10ml

2 bottles of Primobolan 100 mg/ml

1 bottle Halotestin 10mg

This amount will last you 30 days, and should not be taken longer then 12 weeks


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What To Expect For Results From Stack

Expect to gain 15-25 pounds of lean muscle

Winstrol is one of few steroids that is taken strictly for its primary purpose, cutting. Increase to strength, speed and agility are part of Winstrols natural effects

Primobolan was once identified as his favourite steroids by Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the safest steroids in regards to possible side effects. Its fat loss trait and cutting abilities make this a must in a lean cycle

Deca is a power steroid that provides heightened strength and muscle building capabilities. Deca is often supplemented because it provides joint relief through an extended cycle

Intended for those who have experience with injectable steroids and are looking to add on maximum weight while maintaining a lean bulk. Expect almost no water retention

Multiple injections is suitable to those with some experience

Expect to retain 90% of muscle mass following cycle completion

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