Paleo Diet Bodybuilding

paleo diet bodybuilding

Paleo diet bodybuilding is a perfect diet for gaining weight and building muscles without increasing your belly. The rule is simple; you just need to follow the diet strictly.

The best thing about the paleo diet is along with building body and muscles; it makes you feel more healthy and energetic than ever. It is because this diet focuses on the right amount of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals needed for building your body to give an appealing and fit body.

If you can follow the exact Paleo Diet Bodybuilding, it will undoubtedly work for you by making you surprised with its result. Hence, without further delay, let us begin so you can quickly benefit yourself from it.

Paleo Diet Bodybuilding: Why Should You Choose?

The paleo diet is similar to the food that the ancient people ate, such as fish, eggs, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and roots. That’s why it is also known as Paleolithic diet, stone age diet, caveman diet.

The Paleo diet is more like a way of life instead of a diet for bodybuilding. It nurtures the body with pure, natural foods and gives all the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins required to stay fit.

It is created in such a way that it powers the body with full energy so you can have a lively life. For this reason, paleo is often compared to a perfect diet.

Its main aim is to cut on the carbohydrates by providing much protein for staying energetic throughout the day. However, there are some vital points for which you might want to choose a paleo diet over other diets for yourself.

  • Develop Weight and Muscles
  • Recovers muscle damage (muscle tearing)
  • It helps to plan a nutritious diet
  • Enhance glucose tolerance
  • Keep the blood pressure under control
  • It gives a healthy lifestyle by providing the right energy to the body
  • Improve the digestive and immune system
  • Decrease the excess fats
  • It helps to stay fit by maintaining a healthy weight
  • No side-effects

How does The Paleo Diet Work?

This diet focuses on those foods that are high in proteins, nutrients, vitamins, minerals so that your body gets the exact energy and remains healthy. One thing about this diet is that it limits the carbs amount by focusing on the other essential things. For which, this diet is sometimes also known as the low-carb diet.

A paleo diet will work its magic only if you can follow its rules firmly and wholeheartedly. Don’t worry; the rules are simple compared to other bodybuilding diets.

There are 2 key rules that you need to follow if you want your paleo diet to be successful.

  1. The number 1 thing about a paleo diet is that you can eat almost everything, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc., but only a limited amount. Hence, eat based on that amount by being happy as you get to taste so many things, even being on a diet.
  2. Another vital thing is that you must avoid the food at all costs that are forbidden to eat while being on a paleo diet.

You need to follow both these points if you want to gain weight and build muscles. Otherwise, instead of seeing a positive result, you will find yourself in a bad position than before, which you will certainly never want. Hence, follow it strictly for the betterment of yourself as after some time it will be worth all your hard work.

Now that you know why you should choose a paleo diet and how it works. So, let us now talk about the foods that you can eat and cannot, along with a diet plan for your better understanding.

paleo diet bodybuilding

List of Foods That You Can Eat

If you are planning on a paleo diet, then you must follow this diet strictly. Otherwise, you will see no result. Hence for the betterment of yourself, you must maintain these.

So, the list of foods that you can eat on a paleo diet are:

  • Lean Beef and Pork
  • Chicken
  • Rabbit
  • Liver
  • All kinds of fish
  • Mollusk
  • Crab
  • Crayfish
  • Lobsters
  • Mussels
  • Prawns
  • Oysters
  • Olive oil or walnut oil
  • All fruits except the dried ones
  • All varieties of vegetables except the root ones
  • Green tea
  • Almonds
  • Brazil and Pine nuts
  • Pistachio and cashew
  • Pumpkin and flaxseeds
  • Sesame and sunflower seeds
  • Chestnuts and walnuts
  • Pecan and macadamia nuts

List of Foods That You Cannot Eat

The following is a list of food that you must avoid at all costs while following the paleo diet. Otherwise, it will affect your whole diet, which you will indeed never want to happen. Therefore, don’t even think to eat the below-listed food for your betterment, even if the cravings hurt you.

So, the list of foods that you cannot eat on a paleo diet are:

  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Milk and yogurt
  • Whey products
  • Barley and corn
  • Oats and millet
  • What and buckwheat
  • White rice
  • Quinoa
  • Beans
  • Chickpea and black-eyed pea
  • Lentils
  • Potatoes
  • Yams
  • Soybean products
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Bacon
  • Smoked, Canned, and Processed meat
  • Pickled food
  • Ketchup
  • Salted nuts
  • Lamb chops
  • Turkey legs and skins
  • Pork ribs and sausages
  • Fatty roast beef
  • Honey and sugar

Food Plan for a Day

Now that you know what type to eat and what food to avoid. So, let us look at the diet plan that you can follow during a day.


  • Boiled eggs
  • Sliced lean ham
  • Fruit salad (2 cups)


  • Chicken breast/ lean beef
  • 1 apple/ 10 pieces of almonds


  • 1 piece of Salmon
  • Vegetable salad with olive oil (2 cups)
  • Melons (2 cups)


  • Turkey breast
  • Fruit


  • White portion of the egg
  • Fruit


  • Lean Steak
  • 2 cups of steamed broccoli
  • 20 pieces of almonds

Along with all of this food,  make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day to detoxify your body.

Paleo Diet for Bodybuilding

The Paleo diet can play a vital role in bodybuilders’ lives by providing them with a healthy and full of energy life. Compared to normal people, bodybuilders need more energy as they need to do varied workouts to maintain their fitness. In fact, it is a perfect diet for those who work out for the following reasons.

Develops And Repairs Muscles

The paleo diet focuses on the animal protein sources like beef, poultry, and fish that are highly rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), containing valines, leucines, and isoleucine. All these elements are critical for building muscles and repairing muscle tear and damage, especially within the workout time.

All bodybuilders who have to do challenging workouts end up tearing their muscles. It is where a paleo diet can play its magic by helping to repair muscle damage by providing the exact elements for a fast recovery. In fact, after each recovery, you will find yourself coming back bigger and stronger than before.

Powers The Body

The paleo diet is more like a healthy lifestyle than like a diet for bodybuilders. It contains all those foods in its diet plan that will give you the right amount of energy to work out throughout the day. Info at cdnonline.

In a survey, it is found that 85% of people who follow the paleo diet feels more energetic and lively than the way they used to feel before starting it.

From these surveys, you might have got an idea that this diet has the capacity for powering your body, resulting in increased performance. As the more you feel fit and energized, the more you will be able to do workouts and other jobs comfortably.

Promotes The Alkanility

Working out puts the body in an acidic state due to the byproducts created through the exercise. And when your body’s acidic, it tends to neutralize that acidity by breaking down the muscle tissue naturally.

After digestion, foods in the body either become either acidic or alkaline. Alkaline foods help in building muscle, while acidic ones can cause gastric pain. Thus, people need to eat more alkaline food like fruits and vegetables.

That’s why the paleo diet replaces all the acidic-causing food  (such as grains, diaries, and processed foods) with loads of alkaline foods in the form of fruits and vegetables. So your body gets the exact alkaline state for gaining weight and muscles. Therefore, along with the protein food, make sure to eat the fruits and vegetables recommended for promoting the alkalinity within the body to get the desired result.

Boosts Immune System

All the listed foods in the paleo diet plan are highly enriched in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, phytochemicals, zinc, and antioxidants. In other words, it contains the exact thing needed for improving an immune system.

We all know how crucial a sound immune system is for leading a healthy life, especially in the case of bodybuilders who need to do heavy workouts. Therefore, if you want a good immune system, then the paleo diet is the perfect one for improving.

Cons of Paleo Diet

Nothings come with only blessings. Similarly, despite all the good things to offer paleo diet also has some cons.


Almost all the food included in the paleo diet ranges from moderate to high cost. Though you can cut on some high-priced food, then it will happen that you are eating the same food repeatedly to save the budget.

However, if you follow this way, maybe the budget may be saved, but you will feel bored after eating the same food. Still, you may find yourself struggling sometimes.

Moreover, you may not get the required amount of protein. That’s why it is not an ideal one for those who have a tight or limited budget.

Not a suitable choice for athletes

An athlete’s diet is very different than normal people’s. They don’t get to eat similar food as us. In fact, there is even restriction on several foods for which they cannot even eat even if they wish to eat it or is their favorite food for their career.

Their diet plan is made by the expert nutritionist so that they get the right amount of protein and carbohydrate from that food. A slight change in those diet plans can affect their whole game. That’s why an athlete, s/he eats must get the right amount of carbohydrates for showing their performance in the field.

The Paleo diet mainly focuses on protein and fat by limiting various essential carbohydrates food. These carbohydrate foods are crucial for athletic performance. Therefore, these restrictions on essential carb foods make it a bad choice for athletes unless one can cover it by eating fruits and starchy vegetables.

Support saturated fat

Paleo diet has no restriction on the meat, such as you can have beef, pork, lamb, etc., almost every day. However, it may seem like a good thing as you get to eat yummy meat daily. These meats contain a high amount of saturated fat. Intake of these foods daily can increase heart disease, as too much-saturated fat is bad for our heart.

According to the FDA and heart association, their official instruction to us is to limit the intake of food that contains saturated fat as much as possible.

From these, we can only guess how badly it can impact our healthy hearts. However, if you can limit this food intake by eating it once or twice a week, exchanging with vegetables, then there is no harm.

The Bottom Line

Paleo diet bodybuilding is the perfect one to choose as it is a successful method that contains an ideal healthy diet plan. Moreover, without any type of side-effects, you can develop your weight and muscle most naturally.

Although it is a slow process, it is still a better one to go for as it will not affect your body, and you get to eat all types of tasty food. It is one of the most vital things of a paleo diet as nothing is more important than our valuable life. Moreover, remember the famous proverb “Slow and steady wins the race” whenever you feel like a slow thing doesn’t bring any fruitful outcome. Lastly, stay fit and healthy!!!

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