How Do Bodybuilders Cut Successfully?


For bodybuilders, it is essential to reduce body fat to have a proper metabolism and also for muscle growth and appearance. To reduce the body, fat bodybuilders go through a cutting phase which is not very popular among them. Cutting phase requires you to eat less and try to lose body fat and be lean along with having muscle mass.

Decreasing your diet or changing your diet plan with increasing your cardio can be challenging. This is the reason why people makes a lot of trial and error to find out the right diet. Since finding the right suggestion is challenging to have done thorough research on expert’s advice to find out how do bodybuilders cut successfully.

In this article, we will provide you with a guideline to cut successfully. The suggestion makes this guideline of various experienced and expert bodybuilders.

How do bodybuilders cut successfully?

Though the cutting process varies from one another, yet we have collected various tips and guides to form a general guideline. We arranged instruction in ten steps which will make your process of cutting more comfortable. And you also will not have to do much trial and error to find the right diet.

Here are ten steps that will help you to get on with your cutting process

1. Increase water intake

Sufficient amount of intake is healthy, but for bodybuilders going through the cutting process, it is essential. Water has many significant benefits for which it plays a vital role while you are a beginner in the cutting phase.

Water helps to make you feel full and make you feel less hungry. When you take water with a small meal, you will feel full and eat less.

2. Prepare your meals

In most foods from restaurants or ordered meals have some sugar or extra salt, high-calorie oil etc. If you manage to cook and prepare your meal you can have a proper calculation of added protein or fat etc. You will have your full consent and know what you are cooking with.

In that way, you can also have an idea about your calories and fat intake. If you feel like decreasing something or adding something more, you can also customize it as your body and mind require.

3. Control your cheating habits

Since you will be avoiding calorie in your cutting phases, there will be a craving for delicious food. Hence you have your cheat meals. Having cheat meals are fine, but the frequency needs to be on the check.

There is a common tendency among us that ones we start with your cheat meals, it becomes harder to get back to our cutting meal plan. What we do is we tell our selves, we shall begin again after three days or five days or a week. But it would help if you stopped doing it. You have to be determined and strict with your food plan.

4. Increase your cardio while cutting your calorie

In the cutting phase, you will have a diet plan which will decrease your intake of calorie. While having less calorie, it would help if you start doing hard cardio. This will increase your metabolic rate, and you will burn calories faster and also burn the extra calorie you stored by overeating.

Don’t rush or push yourself hard. Make slow habits and grow steadily. First, start with controlling your food habits and cut calories then add a cardio workout and increase the time of doing that specific exercise.

5. Increase lean muscle tissue

Building your muscles will always help you to burn fat. Doing heavyweight or low rep exercises that helps to grow lean muscles tissue. Developing lean muscle will increase your metabolism rate. And high metabolism means you will burn more calorie.

Hence building lean muscle is great for cutting of fat. By that, you will also have a steady cutting phase and gain more muscles.

6. Say no to sugar

It will help big time if you avoid sugar and also anything from refined, processed carbs or fat. When you consume sugar, it goes into the body and transforms into energy and that excess energy store in your body as fat.

While going through your cutting period, it is best to avoid sugar and eat more protein and fibre to have quick results.

7. Drink Coffee

Coffee enables you to be alert, and it also helps to concentrate. Taking coffee will help you to put the focus on your cutting. Some protein shakes also contains. However, it is not suggested to overdo it. Do not increase coffee intake while having a protein shake with caffeine or mix with proteins. Expert suggests a person should take 400mg of caffeine overall from all the sources.

8. Check the use of cooking oil in your food

Standard cooking oils are high in transfat. While cooking your food, you don’t realize how much oil you are adding with your food in every meal. Adding extra oil to your diet can create a halt in your cutting phase.

Minimizing the use of cooking oil is best. At times you can use clarified butter or olive oil which is low in calories than other oil like soyabean oil or sunflower oil.

9. Sufficient protein and fibre intake

Protein is an essential macronutrient while you are going through a cutting phase. As you are cutting on carbs, you need to fill up the lack of carb with protein and fibre. Protein will help you to grow your muscles.

You can also try out protein shake, which will increase your protein intake and cutting out calories. These shakes come in delicious flavour so you can also control sugar intake and deal with a sugar craving.

Another essential group of food is fibre. Consuming fresh vegetables has enormous benefits. Vegetables help to mix up your intake and presents a fabulous way to snack without combining extra calories.

10. Fight with hunger

In order to burn, you may feel hungry at a lot of time. But you have to deal with it. This cutting phase will test your patience. Best would be to control your hunger and not end up cheating.

If it gets too difficult, then you can have a piece of vegetable or a bit of salad.

Final word

So here are ten useful tips for cutting successfully while bodybuilding. These tips are handy as they are provided by successful bodybuilders who experimented many ways to have an excellent cutting result.

We have accumulated all the best suggestion only for you so that you don’t have to do the trial and error to find out the right thing to do. These tips and steps will lead you to a successful cutting without taking extra time. Hope they work out for you. We wish you all the best.

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