Do Steroids Change Your Body Forever?


Even if I tell you that steroids are going to change you forever, at least there will be some effects of it after you stop the course. It will not restrain you from taking it for building your desired body shape. Using steroids for body enhancement is not an uncommon practice nowadays.

In the sports industry, performers are using it for a long time now. Ordinary people who want to be like their bodybuilding heroes are also using steroids. Now the question stands that do steroids change your body forever or not. We will be trying to understand the details in the below sections of the article. Let’s start

Do Steroids Change Your Body Forever?

Yes! Steroids change your body forever, but you have to dig a little bit more to understand how the change happens. Steroids enhance the testosterone, which helps to strengthen body actions and the power of recovery from any injuries in the body. It also helps the growth of the body muscle.

The different types of steroids have several effects on the human body, such as deep voice, testicles, penis, muscle mass, and facial hair. However, the name mentioned here is not fixed. There are hundreds of other effects, but we had discussed only some of the important ones.

The human body has a built-in system of generating steroids, which is a male hormone that produces during stress. Now sportspersons are using it to enhance their performance and for longer workout duration. Though the capability of strengthening body muscle depends on the genetic growth of the specific person, steroid pills or sprays can increase the ability to an optimum level.

Then also, if they use external steroid pills to improve the steroids, the body decreases the production of steroids. In some cases, the changes are permanent, and the meaning is that the changes and the effects people face after a few years of stopping taking steroids.

Which Steroids can Change Body Permanently?

Anabolic steroid pills or sprays can both change your body forever. It works in human testosterone hormone and enhances body performances, including sex, workout training, bodybuilding training, etc.

A report shows that after seven years of quitting taking steroids, people are experiencing the effects of those external steroids; this refers to the conclusion that the steroids do change your body forever after you take it for once in your lifetime.

The research done on three kinds of people lets see who they are. At first, those people who are taking the training and steroids together, second types of people currently doing training but used steroids once in their lifetime, and the third type of people who did not use any steroids ever, and doing training for better performances.

Long-term Use of Steroids Can Bring Damages

Though sportspeople are using steroids by following the instructions and prescriptions provider by their personal physician, generally, people who get influenced by the sportsmen are not always using steroids by the recommendation of any physician.

There are some reports says that in some cases, people are visiting physician to get a proper steroid course, but they are not following the time and the aggressiveness. Instead of that, they are taking steroids very aggressively, and they are not aware of the ultimate outcome of the action. Here are some damages you may occur to yourself if you are taking steroid pills without proper prescription.

  • Damage to the gonads (testicles or ovaries)
  • Fluid retention
  • Paranoia
  • Liver diseases
  • Severe acne
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood cholesterol levels
  • Trembling and muscle tremors
  • They stunted bone growth in adolescents.
  • Malfunctions of the kidneys, liver or heart
  • Mood swings, including deep depression
  • Delusional feelings of being superhuman or invincible
  • Injuries to tendons that can’t keep up with the increased muscle strength
  • ‘Roid rage,’ which is characterized by overpowering eruptions of psychotic aggression


After the extensive discussion on steroids, I think now if someone asks you do steroids change your body forever, then you will be able to answer their question confidently. I have tried to respond in a way that not online help you get the answer, but to understand why the answer is like that.

If you were searching for an answer for your query, then you will get your answer in a manner that you can follow and use while you are building your body for taking part in any sports. If you are no sportsperson but a hardcore fan of one and strengthen your body just like them, then also you can follow our answers to build your body in the safest way possible.

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