Clomid for Bodybuilding: How Does Clomid Work for Bodybuilders

Clomid for Bodybuilding: How Does Clomid Work for Bodybuilders Featured Image

Do you know you can use Clomid for bodybuilding? Although Clomiphene is basically an oral drug for women’s fertility, it can also increase muscle mass for bodybuilders or athletes.

However, the drug is listed as a prohibited substance by the International Olympic Committee, the NFL, and the World Anti-Doping Agency. So, the athletes should keep this in mind.

To learn more about this drug and how it works for bodybuilding, go through this write-up and find all your answers.

What is Clomiphene?

At the very beginning, let’s see what Clomid or Clomiphene Citrate is.

It is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that the FDA approves for fertility treatment of women. The drug is used to induce ovulation in women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

On the other hand, the FDA doesn’t approve Clomid to use by man in any condition. But a doctor can prescribe it off-label if they want. Sometimes, Clomid is used to treat man’s infertility too.

Clomid can increase FSH and LH secretion in a man’s body, eventually increasing sperm production and testosterone secretion. Since testosterone plays a big role in muscle and strength development, this is where the use of Clomid comes for bodybuilders.

What Does Clomid Do for Bodybuilders?

Clomid helps those bodybuilders enormously who have been taking anabolic steroids and now want to be free from the side effects. Along with them, some bodybuilders want to stimulate internal testosterone production naturally.

Whatever the case, Clomid works amazingly for both of them.

After completing a steroid cycle, athletes or bodybuilders usually start to take supplements to balance their hormones. But after going through such a strong hormonal change, these supplements might not be good enough. Alternatively, Clomid can be a great help in this case since they directly affect the production of testosterone.

Usually, bodybuilders take testosterone in pill form or via injection to boost up their androgen levels. However, it’s also possible to boost testosterone indirectly with Clomid. I will discuss it in detail in the next segment.

Can Clomid Increase Muscle Mass?

Since testosterone is responsible for increased muscle mass, Clomid can obviously do the job. It can help to control weight and increase energy. Moreover, it will also decrease fat and increase muscle size and strength.

Well, that’s good, but how Clomid works? Let me make it clear for you.

Like women, men also have estrogen receptors and estrogen, but less than in number. When a man takes Clomid, it blocks the estrogen receptor in the body. And when it is blocked, the body can’t detect the estrogen level, so it automatically decides that the level is very low.

Therefore, the glands try to produce more estrogen by boosting the secretion of FSH and LH hormones. Since testosterone production is related to LH, the more the LH will be produced, the higher the testosterone level will be.

This is how Clomid increases testosterone levels as well as muscle mass.

How Much Will Clomid Raise Testosterone?

Around 100% or even more increase in testosterone is possible depending on individuals. Maximum number of people respond with at least a 75% increase in testosterone. However, if you are more than 55 years old, there is a high chance you might not get the desired output.

It may also happen if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes mellitus, CAD, hypertension, etc., or taking multiple medications.

How Long Should a Man Take Clomid

How Long Should a Man Take Clomid?

Clomid comes as 50 mg tablets. And the beginner cycle may start with either 50 mg or 25 mg every day, depending on your body.

And you may need to continue to take the drug for at least 3-4 months to get the full effect.

Okay, but are you wondering how quickly Clomid starts working?

Well, right after 2-3 days, you might start to see the changes. Now, let’s see in between Testosterone and Clomid which one is safer.

Is Clomid Safer Than Testosterone?

Testosterone supplementation and clomiphene citrate are both effective in increasing testosterone. They have similar hypogonadal symptoms. However, the side effect of Clomid is less than testosterone in many cases.

Since Clomid stimulates the body to produce testosterone automatically, it doesn’t interfere with the checks and balances of testosterone of the body directly. That’s why your fertility is preserved, and you also won’t experience any testicular shrinkage.

Judging all these things, a number of studies have shown that clomiphene citrate is a safe and effective alternative to testosterone supplementation.

There is no strong scientific prove, to determine this, though.

The Downside of Clomid Therapy

Like nothing is hundred percent perfect, Clomid therapy also has some downsides. They are listed below-

  • Clomid takes longer times than an injection therapy
  • It may not work for those with medical issues
  • It has mild estrogenic property
  • Some user says they have experienced blurry vision after taking the drug

Who Should Use This Drug?

So, why does a bodybuilder want to take this drug? Let’s see that.

First of all, many bodybuilders or athletes want to take a drug with a few side effects and don’t want to inject themselves. For them, Clomid is a good choice.

On the other hand, if someone wishes to have children soon along with maintaining their career, there is no better option than this. Clomid will treat their infertility issue while giving the other benefits. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Why Isn’t This Drug Widely Used?

You might ask why this drug with fewer side effects isn’t used widely, right? Okay, the answer is, most physicians think Clomid is a female drug. Therefore, they don’t think of Clomid as a treatment choice and prescribe it off-label.

So why don’t the doctors study about it? Or why the production company doesn’t advertise?

Well, you see, these drugs are generic and, at the same time, inexpensive. That’s why the manufacturer gives too little or no focus on advertising, and it remains as a woman’s fertility drug for years and years.

Can Clomid Boost the Sports Performance of Women?

Before concluding the article, let’s focus on this interesting fact. Since Clomid is famous in women’s infertility treatment, it’s very logical to ask whether the drug also boosts up their sports performance or not.

Certainly, Clomid can boost up the performance of women. It can increase testosterone blood levels in female athletes. That’s why the World Anti-Doping Agency considers Clomid a doping substance for both male and female athletes.

However, male athletes are more likely to misuse the drug for performance enhancement.

Final Words

By this time, you have learned all the necessary information about Clomid for bodybuilding. Before using this drug, you must contact your doctor and your organization.

Since you are dealing with hormonal issues, make sure it won’t create a bad effect on your health as well as your career.

So, best of luck and stay safe.