Anavar and Uses of It

Nowadays, steroids are available everywhere and you hardly find anyone who does not know about it. There are different types of steroids in the market. Anavar is one of the most famous steroids right now.

You may have heard the name of Testosterone, D-Bol, Winstrol and other types of steroids found in the market and their usage also. Apart from that Anavar is one of the members of the steroid family. Its popularity is getting popular day by day because of its benefits.

It is not very easy to choose the best one of the many options you have. However, choosing the best one can help you to a great extent. In this article, we will discuss one of the best steroids called Anavar and the uses of it.

What is Anavar?

There has some history of Anavar steroids. It was first introduced in 1964. In the beginning, it was known as Oxandrolone, not as Anavar. Oxandrolone was an anabolic steroid and used to treat the problem like re-growth of muscles. But the result was surprising and it was found that the body mass was greatly increased. Because of this, it became very popular and men started to use it for their muscle growth. So a medicine turned into a matter of worried. As a result, the production of Oxandrolone was banned in 1989.

In 1995, another company began to produce Anavar by its brand name Oxandrin. Right now Oxandrin is used to treat problems concerning HIV or AIDS. Again it is known as Anavar or Var.

Why Anavar is so popular?

Compared to other androgenic steroids it is lightly androgenic which helps it stand out of the crowd. Most of the steroids are highly androgenic with huge side effects. On the contrary, Anavar is mild and has slightly side effects in our body.

Anavar is the best steroids ever found for the cutting up process. A wide range of people is using it to lose weight and to cut their fat. However, very few men dislike it because it’s a low half-life.

Who uses Anavar?

In recent times Anavar is popular amongst the woman and female who does a workout because of Anavars’ fewer side effects over other steroids. Some people called Anavar as Girls Steroid because of its extensive use by females.

In addition to this Anavar is very mild in action and sometimes it cannot understand. Because of its slow working rate bodybuilders who like intense growth of muscle avoid Anavar.

Female athletes and celebrities use Anavar to keep their body fit and increased performance. Female bodybuilders also use it because it does not grow muscle like other steroids.

Proper Dosage of Anavar

Anavar can be taken orally. To find the best result here are some dosage measurements given by experts. It is just an assumption though. If you are taking it for an 8 weeks cycle then the following dosage can be maintained.

For 1st and 2nd Week, you can take 2.5mg

3rd and 4th week 5.0mg recommended

In 5th week it is 10mg

15mg in 6th week and 5mg and 10mg is recommended for 7th and 8th week respectively.

However, you must consult with a doctor to prescribe the drugs because sometimes it not easy to find steroids without authentic documents.

What Anavar do?

Some exclusive usage of Anavar is given below.

To Cut or loss weight

Anavar has mostly used steroids amongst women to cut their body weight. It is helpful to lose weight who don’t want to increase lean muscle weight. Moreover, females generally do not like to grow massive muscles that is why Anavar is in the top list.

To Increase Performance

Bodybuilders use Anavar to increase their performance and to perform intense workouts. Athletes use it to increase their performance in competitive sports. However, Steroids are not allowed in sports or other types of competition.

Increase Body Strength

To increase the cycle of Anavar is very fruitful. Anavar increases the oxygen concentration as well as nitrogen concentration in our bodies. It increases the metabolism process which helps to increase protein synthesis.

Long-Lasting Effect and Less Side Effects

The result of Anavar is long-lasting than other types of Steroids and it has fewer side effects in our body. Additionally, Anavar is less androgenic to the body so it has fewer effects on our hormone balance. Retention of hormone level is easy and Post Care Therapy is easy to recover the body.

Predetermined Risk

Though Anavar has a wide range of uses and benefits, it has some serious risk and side effects

In Females, some problems and physical change may occur like

  • Male like behavior
  • Hair growth in face and body
  • Deepened Voice
  • Decreased size of Breast
  • Puberty
  • Irregular period
  • Increased size of Liver and Heart
  • Oily Skin
  • Leathery skin

Some mental or psychological problems may occur such as

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Suicidal attempt
  • Misuse of materials
  • Destructive mentality
  • Anxiety or depression

Apart from that, Anavar is expensive also. It will cost you money. The half-life of Anavar is very short more likely 9-10hours only. That is why you have to continue it and it cost you. Moreover, Post care therapy is also important which also some kind of medicine is. So it is a matter of expense when you have started steroids.


To be honest, none of the steroids are side effects free. Maybe some have fewer effects than others. Steroids are no longer a joke, especially when you are taking it with an irregular dosage. Anavar is popular because of its price and other advantages but it has also some side effects.

After all, Steroid is not only a blessing but also a matter of concern if you misuse it. We should be careful about the side effects before using it because once we started it; we have less control over it.

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